From Bystander to Upstander



Stand Up for Kindness is a community-wide initiative to remember the power of kindness. We are inviting everyone to take a stand together, by signing the pledge and to foster a community where all are treated with respect.

Bystander to Upstander

We want to engage the community so that we all become Upstanders who stand up against harmful bullying and harassment. Upstanders stand up for what is right and do their best to help support someone who is being hurt.

Bystanders stand by and watch or turn away when someone is being hurt.  Sometimes, bystanders actually encourage the hurtful behavior.  Bystanders keep bullying alive through their silence or their active support.

Upstanders stand up to injustice.  When an Upstander sees someone being bullupstanderied or harassed, they don’t ignore what is happening.  They either do what they can do stop those who are hurting others or they provide support for those who were hurt.

What an Upstander does is on a continuum of courage and risk.  At one end of the continuum, an Upstander might privately let someone who has been targeted know that the Upstander feels badly about what happened.  At the other end of the continuum, an Upstander might directly confront those who are bullying and tell them to stop.

Please join us in being an Upstander.  Sign the Stand Up for Kindness Pledge and help make our schools and communities safer and kinder places for everyone.