From Bystander to Upstander

What is Kindness

post-itlogoKindness is a way of being and doing that leads to a happy life.

Kindness is the universal language of love that we can all engage in.

Kindness is love in action.

Kindness is for the joy of giving.  It is not about receiving.

Kindness is a gift from the heart.

When you are kind, it physiologically makes your brain happy.  When you give an act an act of kindness, when you receive an act of kindness or when you witness an act of kindness, the serotonin in your brain increases.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is known as the “happy chemical” in our brains.  So when you go through your day and you are kind to others and they are kind to you, you feel happy.  Kindness is the key to a happy life.

Kindness is a response to suffering.  When people are kind to each other, it is a way to respond to suffering.  We may not be able to make a difference where suffering has occurred, like in Newtown, when we are kind where we are, we are being kind to the whole.

  • Kindness can be a smile.
  • Kindness can be doing something for others because you know it will make them smile.
  • Kindness can be showing up when someone is in crisis.
  • Kindness can be giving away something you care about to someone who wants it.
  • Kindness can be taking the time to listen.
  • Kindness can be taking the risk to speak out when an injustice has occurred.
  • Kindness can be taking responsibility for your actions, apologizing when you have done something that has harmed someone.
  • Kindness can be the willingness to see a different point of view.
  • Kindness can be allowing people to be where they are, even if it isn’t where you think they should be.
  • Kindness is compassion in action.  Showing you care.
  • Kindness is visiting people when they are sick.
  • Kindness can be having the courage to have a hard conversation in a loving and constructive way.
  • Kindness can be believing in someone when they don’t yet believe in themselves.
  • Kindness can be being generous, with money or time.

upstanderTake the Kindness Pledge

I pledge to speak in a kind way
And to help others throughout my day
I will not harm others with words or deeds
And I will stand up when there is a need